How to get a commissioned artwork

Please send me  a non-binding inquirye to my e-mail

  • theme or subject of the painting - in the case of an abstract we will discusse its style

  • size and colors - dominating colors or even shades of one color

  • other possible additional details

  • date and place of delivery

  • contacts - telephone, it is also suitable any of the chat applications for fast communication

  1. We will arrange the details, date and a delivery address and determine the final price including transport - untill this moment the demand is still non-binding and you can cancel it

  2. You will receive a pencil sketched e-mail to approve your future image (this is just a rough sketch)

  3. Send a deposit of 1/3 of the agreed price (or the whole amount - if agreed) to my bank account

  4. I will create an image and send it to you by e-mail for approval

  5. You will pay the rest of the agreed price and I will send the picture by courier after receiving the payment (it is also possible to pay in cash in case of the personal delivery in Prague)

The whole process of agreement and creation takes about 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the speed of mutual response and my workload, but please understand. that it take for about another 3 weeks to it be dryed if you choose oil painting. Acryl painting will take about 1 week..

I send the tax document e-mail, upon agreement it is possible to deliver it also in printed form.

Each work comes with the Certificate of authenticity. The original signature corresponds to the signature on the back of the painting.


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